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Pure Kalanchoe daigremontiana juice

Pure Kalanchoe daigremontiana juice

From next week, pure juice will be available at the Herbalist's shop, obtained from the cold pressing of fresh Kalanchoe daigremontiana leaves.

Does it contain preservatives? Since the producing farm does not use chemical preservatives, a mix of essential oils (equal to 1.5% of the product) has been added to preserve the product, which allows the perfect preservation of the juice in the refrigerator for a period of at least 90 days.

Cultivation : all Kalanchoe daigremontiana plants are grown in the lands of Fermo, in the open countryside and in the open air. The cultivation is strictly organic, without the use of fertilizers, herbicides or chemical pesticides of any kind.

Recommendations for use:

It should be taken into consideration that this product is truly natural, the taste may change slightly from season to season.

  1. Shake lightly before each use
  2. It is recommended to start with 1 teaspoon for the first 2-3 days.
  3. Subsequently you move on to 1 tablespoon per day (or 1 teaspoon three times a day).
  4. The administration is continued until the end of the package.
  5. After taking 1 pack, a break of approximately 15 days is recommended.

NB: It is possible that microresidues may form on the bottom, as the product is processed in a totally natural way.

Can it be diluted with water?

Yes. Since it has a particular taste, it can be diluted with a little water, or in a smoothie, or fruit and vegetable juice.

Description of the plant

Kalanchoe daigremontiana (also known as Bryophyllum) is a plant of the Crassulaceae family native to the large island of Madagascar.

It has succulent, fleshy, elongated and toothed leaves at the edges. It has an erect stem and over time, it lignifies starting from the bottom. During the winter, if kept warm, the plant blooms with beautiful tubular flowers, from grey-pink to pink-purple.

In Latin America, where the cultivation and medical use of this plant is more widespread, it is also called by many other names, such as Arantes, Mother of Thousands, Devil's Backbone and Mexican Kalanchoe.

Uses and properties

In Italy, Kalanchoe daigremontiana is considered only an ornamental plant, but in some tropical countries and recently also in Spain, thanks to the work of the botanist Josep Pàmies, this plant is used above all as a medicinal remedy for the treatment of numerous syndromes, such as burns, infections , ulcers, diarrhea, hypertension, diabetes, kidney stones and even as a support for chemotherapy.


The consumption of pure Kalanchoe daigremontiana juice is not recommended pregnancy , and during the pregnancy phase feeding time.

Prolonged consumption is not recommended. Generally it is recommended to take Kalanchoe juice every day, for a month at a time, and then take a break of at least 15 days.

All plants of the genus Kalanchoe contain bufadienolides , which are cardiac glycosides. For this reason in patients suffering from illnesses heart problems , or who have suffered from them in the past, a Medical consultation.

As always, we remember that ours are advice and information on "good health" practices, but before tackling any use of this plant it is important to consult the opinion of your trusted doctor.

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