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Dr. Wolz

Dr. Wolz Darmflora Plus Select Intestinal Flora 20 Capsules

Dr. Wolz Darmflora Plus Select Intestinal Flora 20 Capsules

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Probiotic food supplement with vitamin B complex. Helps promote intestinal well-being and organic defenses. The ferments are microencapsulated with a double layer, which guarantees that they overcome the acid barrier of the stomach and resist bile acids.

It is not the external cellulose capsule that performs this function but rather a double protective covering of polysaccharide matrix that envelops each microorganism; the probiotic strains thus arrive in the small intestine and large intestine still alive and vital and can carry out their beneficial actions in the intestinal environment.

Probiotics promote digestive processes and are able to stimulate the intestinal mucosa-related immune system (GALT), inducing an increase in antibody response and cytokine synthesis. They also act as a microbial-enzymatic barrier against viruses and pathogenic bacteria that can reach the intestinal level. Such an activity of probiotics is expressed through:

• inhibition of adhesion to the mucosa by competitive exclusion of the sites
• competition for nutrients
• the production of bacteriocins and short-chain fatty acids (e.g. lactic acid) which inhibit the growth of foreign microorganisms directly or by creating an unfavorable environment (lowering the pH)

Does not contain: lactose, gluten, gelatin, colorings and preservatives.

Dosage :

take 2-4 capsules per day. In the presence of digestive problems, intestinal infections, during or after antibiotic therapy it is recommended to take 4 capsules (48 billion) per day during a meal with a drink.

As prevention and to keep the intestinal bacterial flora in balance, 2 capsules (24 billion) per day are sufficient. For children between 2 and 10 years old, halve the daily doses. The capsules can be opened to drink the contents dissolved in a drink.

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