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Erboristeria Testaccio

Erboristeria Testaccio Colloidal Silver 11 PPM 500 ml

Erboristeria Testaccio Colloidal Silver 11 PPM 500 ml

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Its healing characteristics make it perfect for treating some skin diseases. Since ancient times it has been used to make soap and be applied to skin attacked by eczema, fungi or acne, but also for daily cleansing of the epidermis.

Colloidal silver is able to reactivate tissues and is therefore also perfect when used as an anti-wrinkle. Spraying them on the décolleté on the face helps to make wrinkles disappear or in any case prevents them from becoming very deep thanks to the elasticity it offers to the epidermis by acting on the metabolism of the tissues.

Colloidal silver fights juvenile acne thanks to its antibacterial action. Used as soap it allows a deep cleansing of the skin reaching up to the hair follicle. It is also effective against the marks left by youthful acne thanks to its ability to stimulate tissue restructuring.

Colloidal silver can be used to defeat mycosis, but also to prevent them. For example, for those who usually frequent swimming pools (places where they often encounter fungi and bacteria), it is useful to spray colloidal silver on the feet, insisting on the areas between the toes, immediately after washing.

Colloidal silver has regenerating and refreshing properties and therefore provides relief to sunburned skin. Likewise it is useful in case of burns and scalds. Skin lesions: skin lesions as well as wounds and abrasions are all those alterations that affect the first layers of skin including the epidermis. Colloidal silver has the characteristic of not burning and therefore can be dabbed directly on the wound to accelerate skin regeneration and disinfect in depth. Likewise it can be used to treat bed sores and diaper rashes.

Colloidal silver is capable of eliminating dermatitis even after just a few applications. In particular, its use is recommended for those suffering from deodorant dermatitis. Instead of the usual chemical deodorant, you can use a colloidal silver solution which does not irritate the armpits and refreshes the area. In particular, it can also be used when necessary, without the need to cleanse the skin before use. Its refreshing action makes it perfect for use after hair removal.

Men will find benefit in using colloidal silver after shaving: they will get soft and disinfected skin. Hair: Dry or oily scalp will no longer be a problem after using colloidal silver on the skin of the head. Its sebum regulating action helps eliminate dandruff if used immediately after normal shampoo.
Furthermore, having exceptional antifungal and bactericidal properties, there are many testimonies of the benefits of colloidal silver on psoriasis also due to its ability to normalize tissue metabolism.



Before the advent of antibiotics in 1938, colloidal silver was considered one of the fundamental treatments for infections. It has been proven to be effective against more than 650 different infectious diseases, compared to chemical antibiotics which are effective against perhaps half a dozen.


The following is a partial list of some documented uses of using silver, particularly in colloidal form for the treatment of various diseases and pathogens.

Acne, arthritis, burns, blood poisoning, cancer, candida albicans, cholera, conjunctivitis, cystitis, diphtheria, diabetes, dysentery, eczema, fibrosis, gastritis, herpes, herpes zoster (shingles), impetigo, gallbladder inflammation , yeast infections, ophthalmic infections, ear infections, prostate infections, streptococcal infections, influenza, intestinal problems, leprosy, leukorrhea, lupus, malaria, meningitis, Lyme disease (borelliosis), whooping cough, athlete's foot, pneumonia, pleurisy, rheumatism, rhinitis, salmonellosis, scarlet fever, seborrhea, septicemia, skin tumors, warts, syphilis, tuberculosis, toxemia, tonsillitis, trachoma, ulcers.

Colloidal silver is the only form of silver that can be safely used as a supplement. It is absorbed into the tissues slowly so as not to cause irritation, unlike silver nitrate, which, given its toxic action, reacts violently with the body's tissues. The colloidal particles gradually spread through the blood providing a long-lasting therapeutic action.

Many forms of bacteria, fungi and viruses use a specific enzyme for their metabolism. The silver acts as a catalyst by disabling the enzyme. In this way the microorganisms suffocate. To primitive life forms such as microorganisms, silver is as toxic as the most powerful chemical disinfectants.

There is no harmful organism that can live in the presence of even tiny traces of simple metallic silver. According to laboratory tests, destructive bacteria, viruses and fungi are eliminated within minutes of contact. The Dr. Larry C. Ford of the Department of Obstetric and Gynecology, UCLA School of Medicine, USA, in a letter dated November 1, 1988 writes that silver solutions have bactericidal and fungicidal properties for Candida Albicans and Candida Globata.

The Dr. EM Crooks stated that colloidal silver kills pathogenic organisms within three to four minutes of contact. Colloidal silver is effective against parasites, infections, influenza, and fermentation. It is tasteless, odorless and non-toxic.

The Dr. L. Keene (John Hopkins University) stated that from a therapeutic point of view, only colloidal metals have the necessary homogeneity, particle size, purity and stability for a great therapeutic result. One of the critical indicators of colloidal silver quality is color.

As the particles increase in size, the color of the suspension changes from yellow to brown then from red to gray and then to black. The ideal shape is one with no color or a slight tendency towards yellow. One of the pioneers of silver research, Dr. Harry Magat of St. Louis, USA said: "Silver is the best broad-spectrum germicide we have." Before 1938, colloidal silver was administered just as modern medicines are today. It was injected both intravenously and intramuscularly, used as a gargle for throat diseases, such as washing or douching, taken orally and applied externally even to sensitive tissues, and as eye drops.


Silver occurs naturally in the soil as a trace mineral and is one of the essential elements required by plants, animals and humans. We once obtained it naturally from organic soils through fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and legumes.

Today, most plants grow on depleted and chemically fertilized soils, many of the important minerals such as iron, zinc, copper, magnesium and chromium and trace minerals such as silver are no longer available for our diet.

The Dr. Gary Smith, a researcher, has indicated that silver may be linked to the proper functioning of the body's natural defenses and that people with an insufficient intake of silver in their diet may be predisposed to disease.


Dr. Robert O. Becker, from his research and experiments on the use of silver in medicine, deduced that the deficiency of silver in the body is responsible for the improper functioning of the immune system and that silver is beneficial not only to fight pathogenic microorganisms. In fact, it can also help to stimulate the regrowth of damaged tissue, for burn victims and even older patients have noticed faster recovery.

Any variety of antibiotic-resistant pathogenic germs are eliminated by silver. The Dr. Bjorn Nordstrom, of the Karolinska Institute, Sweden, has used silver as a cancer treatment for many years. He said he had healed patients who had been abandoned by other doctors because they were now considered incurable.

The Dr. Gary Smith, a medical researcher, claims that silver may be linked to the proper functioning of the body's immune defenses.



Pregnant women or people allergic to trace minerals should consult a doctor before using the product.


Water can be purified by adding half a tablespoon per 3.5 litres, shake well and wait 6 minutes before drinking.
Use only disposable plastic spoons or cups.


The only side effect of silver, not colloidal silver, known for millennia is argyria. This pathology is characterized by a bluish-grey coloration of the skin and other parts of the body (mucous membranes, nails, eyes) caused by the deposition of silver particles in those sites.

The truth is that to contract Argyria, enormous quantities of elemental silver must be ingested for a long time.

This Colloidal Silver, due to the properties of the generator, is produced at 11ppm (parts per million). Due to a factor of correspondence between size and surface of action, this guarantees the maximum point of effectiveness by producing very small particles.


In case of wounds, in addition to being an excellent disinfectant that does not burn, it stimulates tissue regeneration. On wounds or skin conditions, the use of silver combined with aloe gel, 99% pure aloe gel, facilitates its application by encouraging its slow release on the skin.


take some transparent film and collect it from the edges forming a sort of small bowl the size of the wound. Pour some Aloe gel and then put a few drops of colloidal silver into the aloe gel and stir with a disposable plastic teaspoon or wooden toothpick. Place the "bowl" on the wound and then cover with elastic tubular netting so that it does not fall. After 4 hours, remove everything.


The preparation takes place via electrolysis with a generator produced by Guido Ferioli's Tecnosalute at a concentration of 11ppm in double-distilled water.
It is an electrical suspension of silver ions.
Colloidal silver also stimulates the production of undifferentiated stem cells.


The bottle must be kept away from light, heat and electromagnetic sources (washing machine, TV, mobile phone...). For any use, disposable plastic material should be used (e.g. white plastic) and never washed with tap water and never a metal spoon or container. The limescale residue in running water diminishes its effect.

The glass, without being washed, can be reused. The color of natural colloidal silver is transparent, when it starts to be excessively amber it means that it has become corrupted, furthermore the taste also becomes slightly acidic.

A metallic aftertaste is normal. Silver, used in photography, is photosensitive and therefore after a few uses you may find black specks on the glass. They are not relevant.

Store in a cool, light-free place, not in the fridge. Keep away from electromagnetic sources (cell phone, TV, washing machine...)

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