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Erboristeria Testaccio

Herbalist's shop Testaccio 3H Cream 50 ml

Herbalist's shop Testaccio 3H Cream 50 ml

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Erboristeria Testaccio 3H Cream 50 ml against dark spots .


Used constantly every morning it keeps the skin naturally elastic and with a more uniform complexion.


Aqua Caprylil/capric triglyceride Glycolic acid Mandelic acid Lactic acid Polyglyceryl–3 – etylether olivate/succinate Gliceryne Cera alba Cetearyl alchool Phenethyl alcohol Caprylyl glycol.

It does not contain preservatives derived from chlorine, paraoxybenzoates, formaldehyde releases, but the preservative system is of natural origin. The last items listed among the "ingredients" are substances naturally present in the complex of plant essential oils used. There are no petroleum derivatives or silicones.

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