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Erboristeria Testaccio

Erboristeria Testaccio Hop Cream 50 ml

Erboristeria Testaccio Hop Cream 50 ml

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Cream with hydrating and protective function. It is formulated to give emollience and at the same time tone to the skin of the face and décolleté without "weighing it down" and giving a sense of greasiness.

It is suitable for a skin type without particular needs, but which is important, in any case, to protect and keep in good condition. To be used for the day even under make-up.

Contains Hop extracts with firming action, Yarrow (chamazulene) with refreshing function, obtained from wild plants or grown with organic criteria , pure Wheat Germ oil, cold pressed without solvents with a very high percentage of tocopherol and beta carotenoids, vitamin And natural, natural moisturizing factors.

It is recommended to use the Hops cream after cleansing your face with the Cucumber and Lettuce Cleansing Mousse.

Functional principles:

2:1 extract of hops* 3%, yarrow extract* 1%, pure cold-pressed wheat germ oil 1%, vitamin E acetate 0.5%, natural moisturizing factors.


Used daily after cleansing the face with Cucumber & Lettuce cleansing milk, even under make-up, it protects and nourishes the skin without leaving a greasy feeling.

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