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Erboristeria Testaccio

Erboristeria Testaccio Rosehip and Calendula Cream 50 ml

Erboristeria Testaccio Rosehip and Calendula Cream 50 ml

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This cream has been formulated to prevent the onset of couperose, for thin and fair skin, more than others, subject to irritation caused by cold, wind, heat, sun rays.

Among the most effective capillarotropic plants we find the horse chestnut rich in saponin (escin), the rose hip with important flavonoids and carotenoids, the calendula with the presence of mucilage, flavonoids and carotenoids. These plants, harvested spontaneously or cultivated with organic criteria, are extracted with vegetable glycerin or with sunflower and extra virgin olive oils of organic origin.

Together with these oils, Jojoba wax and wheat germ oil contribute to maintaining the "cementitious" layer of the epidermis physiologically optimal, essential for protection from insidious external agents as mentioned above. Consequently there will be a hydrating effect without clogging of pores and follicles for healthy perspiration.

The added natural vitamin E has a synergistic antioxidant action that combats the delicacy of the venous walls of skin prone to rosacea.

The essential oils of Lemon, Verbena and Roman Chamomile, in the right doses, perform a multipurpose action: as a delicate scented bouquet and a refreshing effect.
Finally, a slight camouflage effect is given by the presence of titanium dioxide which, in addition to physically protecting the skin from the sun's rays, gives a homogeneous and healthy complexion.

To obtain the best result we recommend applying the cream after cleansing your face with Calendula and rosehip make-up remover gel. At least twice a week apply the Rosehip Mask, removing it with Chamomile Water.

The Rosa Canina Calendula cream has been formulated to prevent the onset of couperose for thin and fair skin easily subject to irritation caused by cold, wind, heat, sun rays. It alleviates the blemishes caused by the evidence of small lysis capillaries.

Contains organically grown orange juice, rosehip extracts, rich in: vitamin C, flavonoids, anthocyanins (in the glycolic extract) and carotenoids, fatty oil, essential oil (in the oily extract); those of Horse Chestnut rich in aescin; the essential oils of Lemon and Verbena (contained in moderate quantities so as to perform a refreshing and perfumed function); pure cold-pressed eudermic oils (wheat germ and sweet almonds) capable of protecting the skin from UV-B and UV-A rays and giving an important lipid supply to skin which is constitutionally poor in thickness and sebaceous substances.

The ultramicronized Titanium Dioxide, in addition to having a refreshing action, has an important function in filtering the excessive rays of the sun which would damage the small blood vessels which appear evident on phenotypes with light skin, blond or red hair, light eyes. Furthermore, titanium dioxide has a slight camouflage effect like a light foundation which camouflages the blemishes of the small evident capillaries.

Applied in the morning with a light massage, it guarantees proper protection from atmospheric insults, giving hydration and freshness. Constant use strengthens and tones the venous walls of the small, particularly delicate subcutaneous capillaries.

Functional Principles:

Rosehip oil extract 1%, Rosehip glycolic extract 2:1* 2%, Pure cold-pressed wheat germ oil 1%, Vitamin E acetate 0.5%, Horse chestnut glycolic extract 2:1* 1% , natural moisturizing factors, pure essential oils of Lemon and Verbena, Orange juice* 3%-


It can be applied both day and night to restore tone and elasticity to the small vessels of the facial dermis, giving freshness and brightness.


Bacteriologically pure distilled water, isopropyl myrystate (emollient lipid), cetearyl alcohol (consistency factor), polysorbate 60 (hypoallergenic non-ionic emulsifier), sorbitan stearate, glycerin (vegetable) humectant, rosehip (3% glycol extract 2:1 cold - oily 1% vasoprotectant), propylene glycol (solvent for plant extraction), aesculus hippocastanum (1% glycolic extract 2:1 vasoprotectant), pure wheat germ oil cold pressed without solvents, corn oil for plant extraction, linseed oil for plant extraction, lippia cetriodora (pure refreshing essential oil), citrus limonum (pure vasoprotecting essential oil), allantoin (purine base) natural moisturizer, Titanium dioxide (UV-B filter mineral pigment) , tocopheryl acetate (natural antioxidant vitamin E), hydrating lactic acid, imidazolidinyl urea (preservative with high skin tolerability), sodium methylparaben, sodium propylparaben.

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