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Glucosana Coenzyme Q10 270 softgel pearls of 30 mg

Glucosana Coenzyme Q10 270 softgel pearls of 30 mg

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GlucoSana Coenzyme Q10 is a quality natural product from Japan. It is produced by Kaneka®, founder and the world's most renowned manufacturer of coenzyme Q10. Despite this, the supplement is not expensive. Since we buy coenzyme Q10 directly from Kaneka®, the customer does not contribute to the profit of the pharmacy or wholesaler.

Coenzyme Q10 is a substance naturally present in the human body and has an important function in energy production. For this reason our muscles contain this substance in high concentration and the highest concentration of Q10 is found in the heart muscle.


The production of coenzyme Q10 in the body is quickly hindered: vitamin deficiency as well as dozens of drugs that prevent its production! The best-known category of drugs that have this effect are drugs used to lower cholesterol (statins).

If coenzyme Q10 is not sufficient, energy production is not optimal, which is especially not desirable for the heart. Q10 deficiency is expressed in fatigue but in more serious cases it can lead to hypertension, angina (chest pain) or heart failure.

To maintain the concentration of coenzyme Q10 in the body and especially in the heart at an optimal level, you can choose to use a Q10 supplement.

Several scientific studies have been done on the application of Q10 in the diet. Coenzyme Q10 is generally used as a supplement in doses of 20 to 90 mg for healthy maintenance of heart function. A daily dose of 90 mg of coenzyme Q10 (3 softgels) is recommended if you use drugs to lower cholesterol (statins).


Coenzyme Q10 supplements are produced in 2 ways: through synthesis or through fermentation. With the synthesis, not only the usual coenzyme Q10 is produced but also a manipulated variant. This manipulated variant is on a chemical level a “mirror” version of the real Q10. Mirror-created substances can be very harmful: they are not part of the human body! Unfortunately, there are many (low-priced) supplements on the market containing both natural and synthetic coenzyme Q10. Low prices but it can be expensive: health is the most important thing, right?

For this product we specifically chose naturally fermented coenzyme Q10. It is made by a company in Japan (Kaneka®) that makes absolutely no synthetic (mirror) Q10 whatsoever.


Why doesn't GlucoSana Q10 cost much? First of all because being a virtual shop we have relatively low costs and then because the sale of our brand products takes place directly, without wholesale or retail traders who raise the price for their profit.

But in the case of the Q10 there is also another important reason: until a few years ago there was no price agreement for the Q10 manufacturers. This sign is finished. Since then prices have dropped significantly. GlucoSana offers the price based on the world market price.


The effect of Q10 is not noticeable quickly. It takes time for the stores of this coenzyme to be replenished again. You notice the effects much sooner with a higher dose.


The dose of 1 softgel is 30 mg. For a mild effect we recommend 2 softgels per day. For a stronger effect 4 softgels per day and for an even more effective effect 6 softgels per day. We recommend this last dose to those who use statins (medicines to lower cholesterol).

The daily dose can be taken at once or at different times of the day.

Possible side effects

None known.

Contraindications and warnings

If you use other medicines or are under medical supervision: consult your doctor before starting to take them. Not to be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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