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Ligne De Plantes

Ligne De Plantes Eleutherococcus 15 ampoules of 15 ml

Ligne De Plantes Eleutherococcus 15 ampoules of 15 ml

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Eleutherococcus promotes a tonic-adaptogenic action and the body's natural defenses. It has a favorable action on memory and cognitive functions.

Shrub belonging to the Araliaceae family, like Ginseng, and widespread in Northern Manchuria, Siberia and Mongolia. Its anti-stress and adaptogenic properties have been proven by numerous scientific studies.

For athletes it has been shown that it decreases heart rate and increases oxygenation capacity. Useful for the elderly to delay the effects of aging.

Increases resistance to effort, concentration ability and immune defenses. Useful as a flu prophylaxis.

Eleutherococcus is a tonic as it strengthens all systems and organs, and it is an adaptogen as it facilitates the physiological processes necessary to adapt more quickly to stress factors, thus helping the body to withstand conditions of physical and psychological load anomalous.

The physiological effect is attributable to the various ginsenosides and eleutherosides contained. Totally safe from a toxicological point of view.

INGREDIENTS per 15 ml ampoule:

Aqueous extract of Eleutherococcus [obtained from 1200 mg of Eleutherococcus root (Eleutherococcus senticosus Maxim.)].


Take one ampoule a day with half a glass of water.

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