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Ligne De Plantes

Ligne De Plantes Moringa 15 ampoules of 15 ml

Ligne De Plantes Moringa 15 ampoules of 15 ml

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Moringa seeds promote digestive function, regularity of the sweating process, normal blood circulation, lipid metabolism and body weight balance.


Also known as a miracle tree, it is a plant belonging to the Moringaceae family widespread mainly in the tropical and equatorial areas of the planet. It is rich in vitamins, proteins and mineral salts.

It has a Vitamin C content 8 times higher than oranges, and also contains vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K and group B vitamins.

The beneficial properties of moringa are numerous, it is rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances which make it effective in protecting the immune system, promoting good circulation and good digestion, rebalancing the metabolism and regulating hormone levels.

Recommended for athletes or anyone who carries out physical activity as it burns fat and increases cellular oxygenation.

The presence of vitamin K promotes blood clotting; vitamin B1 helps keep the mucous membranes healthy and protect the nervous and muscular systems as well as the cardiac system; contains three times more iron than spinach and four times more vitamin A than carrots; the vitamin D contained stimulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus by the bones, allowing them to be maintained at the right level;

reduces anxiety and regulates mood swings and depressive states, especially during menopause.

Moringa and inflammation

The plant is able to inhibit inflammation by carrying out an anti-inflammatory action, repairing lesions and rapidly promoting healing processes.

The anti-inflammatory power is due to the presence of quercetin and caffeoylquinic acid, therefore indicated in the inflammation of very serious diseases.

This high anti-inflammatory power can be exploited to maintain the balance of psycho-physical well-being; intervenes by restoring the right balance when inflammation is present such as a painful intestine, an overly stressed muscle or a painful trauma.

INGREDIENTS per 15 ml ampoule:

Aqueous plant extract [obtained from 2000 mg of Moringa seed powder (Moringa oleifera Lamk.)]


Take one ampoule a day with half a glass of water.

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