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Ligne De Plantes

Ligne De Plantes Rhodiola BIO 20 ampoules of 15 ml

Ligne De Plantes Rhodiola BIO 20 ampoules of 15 ml

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Rhodiola roots promote a tonic-adaptogenic, tonic action (physical and mental tiredness) and normal mood.


Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea).
Spontaneous plant that grows in the mountainous regions of Europe and northern Asia at altitudes between 3000 and 5000 meters. In Siberia, where it is called "Golden Root", it is used in folk medicine to relieve tiredness. The use of this plant seems to be connected with the surprising longevity of the local populations.

The main clinical trials were carried out by scholars from the former Soviet Union. They confirmed the values ​​attributed by popular tradition regarding resistance to fatigue, cold, and the normalization of the body's functions even in the presence of stress of various kinds. There are around 200 varieties of Rhodiola, but Rosea is the most appreciated due to the greater presence of active ingredients, in particular salidroside and rosavin.

Since ancient times, herbal remedies derived from plants defined as "adaptogens" have been used to combat stress of various kinds, both physical and intellectual. Rhodiola, little known in the West until a few years ago, is today considered the most complete adaptogen.

To be defined as an "adaptogen", a plant must not be toxic, but must allow all the normal physiological functions of the organism; the action exerted by the active ingredients contained in it must be non-specific and maintain the correct functionality of the organism even in the presence of situations of fatigue (e.g. physical or mental stress, etc.); must exercise an action aimed at normalizing the functions of the organism even in the presence of pathological conditions.

Rhodiola and depression
Based on the experiments conducted so far, it seems that the action of Rhodiola rosea root extract against depression occurs through the increase in serotonin levels in the blood.

This happens more for its preservation than for the stimulation of its biosynthesis.
Recent studies state that Rodhiola rosea has proven capable of significantly reducing the symptoms linked to depression.

Memory and learning
The adaptogenic action of Rhodiola rosea is also expressed in those situations in which the source of stress is represented by particularly intense intellectual activity. The administration of Rhodiola rosea extract is able to exert a stimulating effect on mental activity, improving concentration, clarity and mnemonic potential.

This effect has been the subject of numerous studies to date, although the exact mechanism of action is not yet fully clarified.

Rhodiola and body weight maintenance
Rhodiola rosea extract is able to stimulate the activity of lipase, consequently favoring the mobilization of fats. This property has been the subject of some interesting studies aimed at better defining the role that can be attributed to the dry extract obtained from the root of Rhodiola rosea as part of a program aimed at losing or maintaining body weight.

Sports performance
The majority of studies available to date on Rhodiola rosea have concerned its improving effect on sports performance. Many of these were conducted in the former Soviet Union and have made Rhodiola rosea extract one of the most recommended natural products used by Russian athletes to increase performance and reduce the duration of the recovery phase.

In general, the activity associated with Rhodiola rosea extract has proven effective already alone or in association with that of other plants.

Rhodiola and heart
It is now known to everyone that stress constitutes one of the main risk factors for heart disease and the cardiovascular system. The adaptogenic action exerted by Rhodiola rosea extract is expressed through the modulation of the heart's response to stress and is therefore aimed at protecting cardiac tissue.

The exact mechanisms by which an action of this type can be achieved require further investigation. However, from some experiments conducted on animals it seems that Rhodiola rosea extract can contribute to the prevention of cardiac pathologies probably through a modulation action on the release of catecholamines and corticoids in the stress response phase.

Rhodiola and genital system
The tonic and stimulating properties of Rhodiola rosea have been known to the Russian population for centuries. A study conducted in a Russian research institute has highlighted how there may be scientific evidence for what popular beliefs assert.

Ligne De Plantes ® is a brand of Natura Service srl

INGREDIENTS per 15 ml ampoule:

Aqueous extract of Rhodiola [obtained from 1800 mg of Rhodiola roots* (Rhodiola rosea L.)].
*Ingredient from organic farming.


Take one ampoule a day with half a glass of water.

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