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Ligne De Plantes

Ligne De Plantes Schisandra 20 ampoules of 15 ml

Ligne De Plantes Schisandra 20 ampoules of 15 ml

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Schisandra fruits promote liver function and a tonic-adaptogenic action. Antioxidant.

Climbing plant of the tropical and temperate climate regions of eastern Asia, especially northern China, Korea, Russia. It is a woody, deciduous vine and can reach lengths of 8 metres.

The red, oval and soft berries are grouped in a spike. From the fully ripe and sun-dried fruit, powders and extracts for phytotherapeutic purposes are obtained. In the West it has only recently begun to be appreciated for its extraordinary adaptogenic and tonic properties.

It is one of the most effective plants against stress. Its hepatoprotective function is also known, in fact it exerts a direct action on hepatic metabolism and against circulating toxins. Adjuvant in chronic hepatitis. Affects the endogenous glutathione antioxidant system. This would be the basis of the decrease in the sense of fatigue and the increase in physical performance. Improves cognitive abilities and memory.

Ligne De Plantes ® is a brand of Natura Service srl

INGREDIENTS per 15 ml ampoule:

Schisandra aqueous extract [obtained from 1200 mg of Schisandra fruits (Schisandra sinensis Baill.)].


Take one ampoule a day with half a glass of water.

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