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Erboristeria Testaccio

Regenera Facial Tonic with Snail Slime 200 ml

Regenera Facial Tonic with Snail Slime 200 ml

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Facial toner with antibacterial, astringent, emollient and hydrating properties, suitable for all skin types including impure and red-prone skin. It gives freshness and tone. The skin will be able to "breathe" and will appear compact and velvety.

  • This tonic is made from Ratania root extract (Krameria Triandra) which contains condensed catechin tannins and tannic acids with antibacterial and astringent properties.
  • The Rosa Rossa Damascena concrete contained, in addition to characterizing the fragrance with soft and floral notes, has a toning and slightly astringent action.
  • Snail slime is very rich in mucopolysaccharides which give it its characteristic viscosity and film-forming, protective and hydrating properties.
  • It also contains allantoin , glycolic acid, amino acids which make it effective on wrinkles, stretch marks, acne marks, skin blemishes.
  • Vegetable glycerin , in a small percentage, is a hydrator and humectant.

The naturally derived preservative system is ideal for preventing irritation and allergies even on the most delicate skin.

Instructions for Use:

After cleansing your face, wipe with a cotton ball soaked in tonic and leave to dry.


Aqua (bacteriologically pure water), Snail Secretion Filtrate (microfiltered snail slime), Glycerin (vegetable glycerin), Alcohol (contained in a small percentage in the Ratania extract), Krameria Triandra root Extract (Ratania extract), Phenethyl Alcohol (system naturally derived preservative), Capryl Glycol (naturally derived preservative system), Rosa Damascena Extract (aromatic concentrate of red rose).

The snail slime contained is obtained from Italian open-air snail farms. The slime is collected without sacrificing the animal and microfiltered.

Does not contain: Preservatives, Petroleum Derivatives and Silicones.

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