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Vegetal Progress

Vegetal Progress Desmodina® 80 Tablets of 600 Mg

Vegetal Progress Desmodina® 80 Tablets of 600 Mg

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Composed of various plants, mainly Lespedeza capitata Michx (North American or Brazilian origin).

The plants used are traditionally used as foods that contribute, together with a healthy diet and a correct lifestyle, to protecting the physiological state of well-being of the liver.

In particular, Lespedeza promotes the drainage of body fluids, the well-being of the urinary tract and has purifying functions for the body; it also has beneficial properties on cardiovascular function and lipid metabolism.

Schisandra is a tonic-adaptogen with antioxidant activity and is a supporter of liver function and the upper respiratory tract.

Caper promotes the physiological well-being of the digestive function.


Antioxidant, Purifying, Digestion, Line, Vegan, Vegetarian,

Hiring method:

We recommend taking 4 to 6 tablets per day.


Lespedeza happened Michx. (Brazil origin) aerial part micronized powder 50%, corn maltodextrin (Austrian origin), Agrimonia eupatoria L. (EU origin) top powder 5%, calcium carbonate, Schizandra chinensis Baill. (origin China) dehydrated fruit powder 4%, Caper (Capparis spinosa L., origin China) root micronized powder 3%.

Nutritional information:

Intake of plant extracts per 100g and per 1 tablet:

Lespedeza capitata aerial part micronized powder 50 g | 300 mg per tablet

Agrimonia eupatoria top powder 5 g | 30 mg per tablet

Schizandra chinensis dehydrated fruit powder 4 g | 24 mg per tablet

Caper root micronized powder 4 g | 24 mg per tablet


Food supplements are not intended as substitutes for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Store in a cool, dry place out of reach of children under 3 years of age.

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